Tips in preparing your house for sale

Front of House
- Paint, fix or wash side or back door, gutters, wash windows

- Straighten up, paint, and fix doors and windows

- Repair dripping taps, leaky toilets

- Replace all burnt out bulbs, faulty switches

Hall and Stairs
- Remove clutter to give a wide appearance

- Oil hinges, tighten door knobs and taps

General Condition
- Dust, wash, paint, fix defects

a feeling of spaciousness by storing unnecessary items

- Open Drapes in daytime, close at night

Turn on sufficent lights when showing

Create an atmosphere for all senses
- Spray with scented disinfectant especially if smokers live in the house, or put on percolated coffee before buyers arrive

The Realestate Sales Person
- They need to have as much privacy as practical when selling your home. If the buyer asks you questions about the house and neighbourhood, answer directly and honestly. Questions about an offer or price should be referred to your sales person.

– Barfoot and Thompson's lockbox system is available to provide your property with the greatest possible protection against unauthorised entry – and it’s always accessible, with your permission, to a Barfoot and Thompson sales person accompanying prospective buyers

General Condition
- Dust, wash, paint, fix defects


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